About Us

We are a family owned business which started 15 years ago in the Illinois area, by supplying Charro sporting goods to local events In the metropolitan area of Chicago. Increased demand for products that enhances the horse comfort, took us to made a trip to Mexico and met with the original equipment manufacturers in order to agree for product modifications that would satisfiy our customers demand and made the horses performance more comfortable. Since then, our involvement in the horse and charro business has been growing fast, and now we've been selling and shipping all around the United States and some remote parts of the globe as for example: Austria, Germany and Spain.

Being close to our customers is our priority, therefore we created this website 5 years ago so any charro or horse fan can reach the product they need in a fast shipping method.

In 2013 we moved to a new location in the western area of Texas where we are more than welcome to attend you

100. E. Frederick Rd

79851, Sierra Blanca, Texas

United States